¿What is Backpack?

Backpack automates the management of expenses and takes control of them, regardless of where they happen.​

It is designed so that your company can easily enforce its expense policies, capture receipts, process expense reports, and make better business decisions based on accurate and timely information.​

How does it help your finance department?

  • Control expenses in all business units.
  • Reduce non-compliant or out-of-policy spending.
  • Avoid tax-related penalties.
  • Increase the effectiveness of audits.

In addition, with Backpack you will achieve around 65% more compliance in expense reports submitted.

How does it help your HR department?​


  • Increase employee satisfaction.
  • Improve workforce productivity.
  • Improve employee safety.
  • Reduce time spent on mileage​.

With Backpack you will achieve around 17% more productivity and 24% less staff turnover.

How does it help your IT department?

  • Easy adoption.
  • Centralized management.
  • Automated processes.
  • Improved data flow.

The Backpack project is agile, short-lived and easy to maintain.

¿Why Backpack?

Some backpack data:

  • With Backpack you will get a 628% ROI in 3 years.
  • With Backpack you will recover the investment in 5.3 months.
  • With Backpack you will be able to fill out expense reports in 43% less time.
  • With Backpack, it will take you half the time to reimburse your expenses.
  • And… with Backpack, employees who comply with your travel and expense policies will grow by 32%.

Backpack is a solution…

  • Standard: Use the solution as it has been designed.
  • Harmonized: Consistency based on international best practices.
  • Simple: Reduce complexity and streamline processes.
  • Automated: In integrations and approval processes.
  • Scalable: Easily expand according to your needs.
  • “End to end”: Connect all your phases of travel expenses

What will we do in 4 weeks?

In just 4 weeks and 4 phases you can have your Backpack ready:

  • We will prepare for the project, we will do a work workshop to define your scenario and we will plan the project so that the trip has no surprises.
  • We will begin the boarding, carrying out all the configuration of the tool.
  • We will land carrying out the tests of the definitive solution and we will train you online so that the landing is as safe as possible.
  • And it will be time to enjoy the trip with the launch of the project where we will guide you so that everything goes well.

If you want to know everything that Backpack includes and how you can start using it, do not hesitate to contact us. NUVA will solve all your doubts and in just 4 weeks you will be enjoying it.