SAP HCM is the most complete solution to manage the human capital of companies. One of its main assets is its solidity in the execution of payroll processes:

    • Calculation and valuation of gross salary
    • Calculation of periodic and variable payroll accruals / deductions
    • Calculation of withholdings and Social Security contributions
    • Generation of remuneration receipts
    • Generation of the SEPA file for bank transfers
    • Generation of files for Social Security
    • Generation of models for the Treasury
    • Posting of payroll results

As a company’s business grows, so does the payroll of its employees. To help you, NUVA has a team of professional Spanish payroll management experts, focused on optimizing implementations and business processes. We seek optimal solutions to obtain a fully integrated system that is easy to use and access for employees.



NUVA guarantees the correct functioning of the payroll processes, seeking the following objectives:

  • Optimization of payroll processes
  • Compliance with labor regulations
  • Process integration
  • Easy access to information that allows operational and strategic decisions to be taken
  • Risk minimization